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New website launched

By on 21st February 2017

Our brand new website has just been launched. Readers are welcome to read about our research activities, get acquainted with our group members and search our publications database.

FET-OPEN grant awarded to Biosensors group

By on 15th February 2017

The highly prestigious FET-OPEN grant was awarded by the European Commission to the project “CATCH-U-DNA”, submitted by 7 partners with Prof. E. Gizeli as the coordinator. The work proposes a radically new and highly ambitious plan to develop a platform that could replace the PCR amplification method with an ultrasensitive detection scheme based on the use of ultrasound hydrodynamics. The method will be validated during the detection of common mutations found in colorectal and lung cancer.

Grant from French Ministry of Education and Research

By on 20th September 2016

Dr Dimitra Milioni and Biosensors lab are awarded a collaboration grant from the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research for collaboration with Laboratoire des BioMolécules at UPMC-Paris 6.

E. Gizeli elected FRSC

By on 20th August 2016

Prof Electra Gizeli is elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

LoveFood project receives EU distinction

By on 20th January 2016

LoveFood FP7-funded project coordinated by E. Gizeli, gets recognition by EU council and is included in the list of “Examples that make us proud” produced by the Council of European Research and Innovation Ministers.

Nokia Open Innovation Challenge Award

By on 20th September 2015

Our group is one of the winners in NOKIA Open Innovation Challenge 2015 competition.

EC funding for Biosensors lab

By on 20th May 2015

Award of EC funding (Total 3.2M€/Biosensors Lab 809K€) within ICT-28-2015 “Cross cutting ICT Key Enabling Technologies”, to follow up LOVE-FOOD project and deliver a commercial product in the next 3 years (project: LoveFood2Market; coordinator: Prof. E. Gizeli).

EC funding for Biosensors lab

By on 20th February 2015

Award of EC funding (Total 2.3M€/Biosensors Lab 450K€) for 3 years within ICT-28-2015 “Cross cutting ICT Key Enabling Technologies”, to develop a fast, direct, real time and inexpensive instrument for the acoustic detection of circulating tumor DNA related to colorectal cancer (LiqBiopSens).

Keynote by E. Gizeli

By on 30th October 2014

Prof. Electra Gizeli is the Keynote speaker at the SAW Symposium 2014, Vienna.

Cover page in Anal Meth

By on 20th August 2014

Inside cover page of article published by George Papadakis and Electra Gizeli in Analytical Methods (2014, 6 (2) 363-371).