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Award of Fotis Kafatos Lab Box

By on 17th January 2019

Α multidisciplinary group led by members of Βiosensors Lab (Prof.Electra Gizeli, Dr. Giorgos Papadakis and Dr. Alexandros Pantazis), Plant Molecular Biology Lab (Prof. Kriton Kalantidis) and the Experimental General Lyceum of Heraklion (Prof. Haris Dimitrakopoulos) received the First Award for their development of a portable Lab Box to detect genetically modified plants (see photos here and here).

The proposal was distinguished for its:

1) Scientific and educational excellence focusing on advanced technologies and biological issues of importance to the society
2) Innovative nature employing state of the art methodologies
3) Global application to molecular diagnostics

The concept is illustrated in a short video by Dr Pantazis.